Why IPv4 is almost exhausted but not quite yet

I was curious about the current state of affairs with the imminent IPv4 exhaustion so did a little research using information from RIPE’s website and pulled it together here for everyone.

  • RIPE NCC reached the last /8 (16,777,216 IPv4 addresses) on 14 September 2012.
  • LIRs can receive one more /22 (1,024 IPv4 addresses) only even if they have valid justification for more and must already have an IPv6 allocation.
  • As of the March 2013 roundtable meeting RIPE NCC has already issued 1250 /22s leaving 16,384 /22s remaining till IPv4 is fully exhausted.

Source: www.ripe.net/ripe/meetings/roundtable/march-2013/presentations/IPv4update.pdf

Deleting Puppet Master Certificates

If you have removed a server from your group of managed servers then it would be good housekeeping to also remove the certificate held on the puppet master. The below commands show you how to list all the certificates including their serial and delete them permanently. Continue reading

Installing Puppet 3 Master and Agent on CentOS 6.3

I recently had a client that was using chef to manage his server(s) config and decided to give it a go. I hadn’t realised at the time that the chef syntax is somewhat alien to me in that it’s written in ruby. This drew me to look towards the alternative “Puppet” which I have to say is personally alot easier to work with. Continue reading

Magento SEO Checklist

Looking around the internet you will find lots of information about best practices for Magento SEO, However they are some key things you can do when launching any new store that only take 5-10mins and will give you a running start!

This list is just the start and something I plan to maintain and add/remove from as required as new things become possible and old things become irrelevant. Continue reading

The Definitive APC Configuration for WordPress

There is many places on the internet where you can get various tweaked and optimized APC configurations, However very few specialise in a particular application or go into detail about why the values are set.

Below I have provided both a copy and paste starter configuration for WordPress and a detailed explanation about each value and how you can modify it to meet the bespoke requirements of your WordPress installation. Continue reading